Falling in love over and over and over on overstock.com

Yes, I am totally aware Overstock.com is not a sexy site.  It’s not pretty or frilly or chic or trendy, but it is a bunch of stuff (some good, some bad, some awful and some freaking fabulous) that companies made too much of and need to get rid of, immediately.  Their loss is your gain.  It has definitely been mine.  And athough I love going into specialty stores and I think it’s important to support local businesses and there is often nothing better than seeing or feeling something in person, there are lots of times when getting an awesome deal is better than all of those things combined.   Way more awesome.

Like this timeless chrome faucet.

Or this pair of lamps.

They want to get rid of them so badly they’re selling two for the price of one…and they’re gorgeous!

Or this funky, cool mirror.  It is such a great piece for over a bed or couch!


You could seriously decorate your entire house using this site alone. And come on, the shipping is $2.95 per order no matter how much you order!!!  I swear I am not a paid sponsor of Overstock – I just recognize things of beauty at incredible prices, especially when they come delivered right to your front door!




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