The Perfect Nightstand

There are few things in a home more important than having a soft, comfortable place to rest your head at night. We spend something like a third of our lives sleeping, so I say go ahead and invest in the most expensive mattress you can afford because you’re going to do two of the three most important things in life on that very bed. And aside from having a great place to sleep and ahem, you know, everyone needs the perfect nightstand next to their bed.

Here’s mine:

The three things I have to have on my nightstand are:
-a lamp for reading
-a notepad for when I remember we need milk or I need to jot down my dream because it will make most amazing series of tween books and turn me into a millionaire overnight
-fresh flowers just because I like them and to soothe the fact that I will never have a dream that will translate into one of the best selling series of books of all time

I also have a little basket next to the bed so the nightstand doesn’t get too cluttered with magazines, books or my trusty taser. Yes, I keep a taser next to the bed. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood in Orlando, FL and I dearly love where we live, but like many in-town neighborhoods we aren’t all that far away from some pretty sketchy places and I sleep a little better knowing I could zap someone from fifteen feet away.

But what I need next to the bed and what you need next to the bed are probably two very different things. For example you might suffer from horrible allergies in which case fresh flowers would be an absolute nightmare for you. Only you know what can help you fall asleep at night. A little bottle of lavender, a glass of wine, a white noise machine – whatever floats your boat. But if you want to sleep, I strongly recommend against keeping a computer, a cell phone or remote control within arms reach of your bed. One person who totally ignores this advice is my husband who would sleep with his phone between his butt cheeks if he thought it would help him avoid missing a mobile alert or a news update, but I think that’s a story for another blog altogether.


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