A Dream is just a Dream…

I dream of living in a barn one day.   The kind of dream that keeps me awake at night, instead of the one that comes when I’m fast asleep.  I would love to take an old barn, one that’s dilapidated, rusty, barely standing; a truly sorry excuse for a building, and turn it into the home of my dreams.  Surrounded by fields and endless rolling hills crashing like angry waves into the floor to ceiling windows that would line one side of the barn, this is my dream.  I can see it all now, and it’s pure heaven.  But right now my dream of barn life is just that, a dream, so I can only moon over the great barn conversions and designs out there like this one on Sproost.com…

I just love the rustic coffee table set against the modern furniture and the creamy brick walls.

Or what about the beautiful floor to ceiling windows in this ultra modern barn on CoolBoom.net?  They are the perfect way to bring the outside in…

And just think of the potential in the space below – it’s already in fantastic condition, but I can’t help thinking of how I would decorate it with big, cozy couches and beat up old tables, cool art and gorgeous fabrics…I’m practically drooling over the keyboard already…

Whether you dream of life in a barn or in a penthouse in Manhattan, all we have are our dreams until one day if we dream hard enough and work long enough they might just become our realities.


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