Design Down Under, Mate

My husband and I were recently in Australia for the wedding of his oldest brother to a lovely Australian girl, and while we were there we couldn’t pass up a tour of the wine region just north of Sydney, Hunter Valley.  I can’t say enough good things about Australia – it’s gorgeous and the people are so friendly and laid back I didn’t want to leave, plus they make some delicious wines there I’d never even heard of before.  Verdehlo anyone?

While we were wine tasting, I couldn’t help being distracted by something I love even more than endless samples of gorgeous wines and that of course is all things design.  Like this claw foot tub converted into a settee…

When I needed a break from lifting all those heavy wine glasses, it was the perfect place to sit down and relax.  I almost forgot I was sitting in a bathtub!

I wonder what the winery staff thought when I started taking pictures of the furniture?  I just couldn’t pass up snapping a pic of this table made from an old winery door.  Genuis!

By the end of the day we were feeling pretty good.

I think I drank one of these casks of wine myself.

I only wish I could have taken home an empty cask to use as a table in our backyard like the ones below.  How fun would that be?  We already have the blue umbrella, so all we’d need are a couple of barstools and we’d be set!

Wine tasting+Australia+Design=LOVE 🙂


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