This is a Man’s World?

So it is according to a once pregnant Quinn on my favorite show, Glee, but so far in our house it’s pretty much been a woman’s world and my husband has had enough.  He might be sweet and sensitive and kind and all that, but even he has his limits, so at his request I’ve tried to take out just a bit of the ultra feminine touches I’ve used around the house and already he’s much, much happier.

First off in the master bedroom I do kind of see his point, I mean the pillow cases have layers of ruffles and say Bonne Nuit (Good Night in French).

The whole room was pretty girlie.

My decorative nightstand didn’t help.

So I agreed to move it to the hallway upstairs where he wouldn’t have to look at it all the time. Next I picked up some new lamps for $30 a piece, removed the fluffy white rug from the floor, hid the ruffled pillows, and added a bird pillow which might not be manly but has to better than the french script ones, non?

It might not be a man cave, but it is a (teeny) bit more masculine, don’t you think?

In the front hall, the thing that was driving Marsh crazy more than anything else was the pink lamp, so I put it upstairs with the offending master bedroom nightstand, let him pick out a new lamp, added a few books and his favorite nautical book ends,plus a couple of wedding photos, and the space was complete.

Even I like the front hall better now.

Not only was Marsh growing tired of the feminine accents, but he was over feeling like we could host a country hoedown in the kitchen, so when we used the kitchen table outside for our BBQ last week, we left it out there.  Permanently.  I dragged in a table Grandma Rose gave me (it helps to have a relative with a shopping addiction), changed out the bench with two slip covered white chairs from the dining room, and instantly the kitchen felt more modern.

You might ask how I am constantly rotating things in my house and 1) it helps to have a supply of furniture I’ve found at yard sales, flea markets or just sitting abandoned by the road along with a shopping addicted grandmother and 2) it really helps to have an obsession like the one I have with throw pillows and pillow cases.

I’m a little embarrassed to show you this, but it’s how I’m able to change things around so easily. There are about thirty folded pillow cases in that stack…

Kind of crazy, but I love it!


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