House Much House Can You Get for $300K?

Well that depends greatly on where you live.  We all know the real estate market isn’t what it used to be and 300K can buy you a lot more than it could five years ago, but I can’t help wondering how much more?  Let’s check out a few cities across the nation to see what $300K can get you in today’s market.

First up, this listing in one of my favorite cities in the world – SAN FRANCISCO

According to, the median sales price of homes in San Francisco is $825,002 but you can score this guy for $299,000, well below the median sales price:

It’s not in perfect condition, but this place actually has loads of potential.  It already has hard wood (or likely laminate) floors in the main living areas, so with a little paint, a cute office nook under the stairs defined with some graphic wallpaper, and a few great area rugs you could really brighten up the space.  But why is it only $299,000?  First off, you can see from the map that it’s not exactly in the center of the city and that’s probably a big part of why it’s listing price is so low.

But if you want to live in close proximity to some great little neighborhoods like the Marina, Russian Hill, the Mission and Pacific Heights, plus have easy access to some great areas in the South Bay like Burlingame, one of my favorite spots in all of California, you can have it for less than 300K!

Next up – this listing in CHICAGO

I have always loved Chicago.  Despite the frosty winters, it has that Midwest charm you just can’t find anywhere else, plus beautiful historic buildings and some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had.  You can find a lot of condos and lofts for 300K in Chicago, like this one in the West Side neighborhood:

It’s an uber industrial space, but you could really soften it up with sheer flowing fabrics and long, floor to ceiling drapes.  I love all the exposed wood, which adds a layer of warmth you don’t always get with city lofts.  Not too bad for 300K!

Finally, check out what you can buy for 300K in CHARLESTON, SC:

Built in 1880, this 977 square foot 2bd/1ba is pretty endearing, but without any interior pics you can’t be sure what you’re getting.  Then again, with close proximity to the water and a great park/water view, 977 square feet isn’t too much space to renovate if you’re looking for a little place near the sea.

Plus, Charleston is an enchanting Southern city with great shopping, stretches of warm, sandy beaches and Southern hospitality you can’t find anywhere else.  With Cobblestone streets, hidden galleries and rooftop restaurants, Charleston is one of the best place in the SE to call home.


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