My First Client

This week I have been searching for fabrics for a master bedroom suite I am redesigning for a new client.  Ok, the ‘client’ is my mom, but you gotta start somewhere! She wants all new bedding, window treatments and accent furniture.  Her bedroom is painted a brilliant shade of copper and the domed ceiling is black with gold and silver accents, so those are the parameters I have to work within.  I suggested giving the room a resort vibe knowing she was leaning toward a color scheme with black, copper and possibly some green and since I start every design with fabric, I pulled a bunch of options as a jumping off point.

I showed her about twenty-five fabrics to start and once I had an idea of which ones she responded to the most, I was able to blend them together to give her some choices.  The first option has the black and copper she was going for and pulls in a little of the animal print I know she loves:

The second one is my favorite. It’s a little punchier with a bold graphic print, a floral pattern and a pop of bright green:

Another idea was to tone down the metallic elements in the room and go for something more muted like this option that layers stripes, neutral linens and a tropical black and tan print:

In the end we agreed on using a combination of the fabrics below.  Something that would bring in the green she originally wanted, plus compliment the copper she already has in the room, as well as bring in some stripes to give it more of the resort feeling I thought would work in the space.

Now it’s off to find some new nightstands while we wait for the fabrics to come in!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristi Burgess
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 13:43:50

    Interesting that you started with fabric. I always read to start with flooring. Is the room carpeted? What is the flooring like?


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