Getting Ready for Sunday in the Park

I’ve had a few questions about how I made my Easter wreath the other day, so I wanted to share step by step how I made that wreath and a few others I’m planning to sell at Sunday in the Park, a festival in my neighborhood that’s coming up in a couple of weeks!

With each one I started with the same Hobby Lobby wreath:

For the first one, I took a container of plastic egg ornaments

And cut each of the ribbons attached to the eggs in half.

Next I took each egg and carefully tied the ribbon around a branch on the wreath

I made sure space them out evenly but not too perfectly and then I applied a tiny bit of super glue to each one to make sure it was secure.

With my second wreath, I used a spray of eggs and greenery from Pier One

And pulled them apart piece by piece

Next I intertwined the stems with the branches of the wreath

This time I didn’t need any super glue because the wires inside the stems were strong enough to hold the eggs in place.

For the wreath I made the other day and hung on my own front door, I used the furry green rabbits from Pier One

And simply bent the flexible wooden stem around one of the branches on the wreath

The last thing I had to do was figure out how I’m going to display the wreaths at the festival.   I decided to use an old ladder I bought for fifteen dollars and  I simply nailed a few holes in it to create hooks for the wreaths.   I think it’s going to be a great, inexpensive way display them – now I just hope someone wants to buy them!


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