Stepping Upstairs in Style

Yesterday I got the latest edition of This Old House, the ultimate resource in DIY projects that are actually doable, even if you aren’t that crafty!

On page 28 I found this fun, whimsical way to jazz up a boring staircase

And it got me thinking about what to do to spice up my own run of the mill steps

Turns out I’m not the first person to ask that question…there are tons of exciting ideas on stepping upstairs in style!

From simple paint and stenciled numbers

To graphic flowers against a plain white stairwell

Or a playful color brightening up each stair

Photos Courtesy of Apartment Therapy and Casa Sugar

There are so many simple ways to liven up a staircase I can’t decide what to do!

Any suggestions?




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  1. Northern Stair Parts
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 11:37:21


    It would depend on the overall decor of your house, the above staircases seem to be quite traditional (even the funky coloured one) whats called cut and bracket staircases, where the spindles sit on the steps rather than on the baserail attached to the string (the sides of the stair) these stairs normally have a carpet runner too, they all have ornate newel posts or the now very rare “wreath” system handrails which again traditionally is a continious handrail that travels over newel posts rather than the now popular method of hitting the newel post and starting on the other side so eventually you have to let go of the handrail and possibly swing off the ball cap of the newel post!

    Non of the above would work if you had an ultra modern kitchen or bathroom with a 50 inch plasma tv in the front room, you would be more suited using the FUSION® range of balustrade such as brushed nickel metel tube spindles, individual toughened glass panels or acrylic, these ranges come in pine, sapele, beech or oak with brushed nickel or chrome metel handrail connectors etc…

    Either way, check your staircase out, chance are the staircase itself is fine and just needs a little TLC in the form of a balustrade makeover, these can be changed with little joinery experience and minimul cost as oppossed to ripping the staircase out and starting again, we all know staircases are built to last but like everything, need a spruce evry now and again when fasion changes!


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