Sunday in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I got my first taste of what it would be like to have my own store.  I rented a space at a little festival in my neighborhood called Sunday in the Park.  It was a gorgeous day – sunny and about 80 degrees, so I set up my  area with a few of my wreaths along with the salvaged window I painted…

And of course a couple of pillows from the new line!

My family came out to show their support and of course my dad was goofing around on Marshall’s crutches rather than helping sell, sell, sell!

My mom displayed a few of the seashell sculptures she’s been working on the last few years.

And my old college roomies, Kristina along with her adorable family (not pictured), and Summer, came by to lend their support.

In the end the event turned out to be more of a neighborhood gathering than an art and home decor show, so I only sold a couple of the smaller items and mostly to friends and family.

But I did make some great connections and met a lot of local business owners who gave me some much needed advice on getting my store off the ground… one day!


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