A Kitchen Makeover on a $1,000 Budget

Can it be done?  According to This Old House, it can.

Check out the kitchen before.

Pretty gnarly, huh?  So what was their plan?

1-Repaint the existing cabinets and add fabric panels to the lower cabinets

2-Paint the countertops (yes, it can be done!)

3-Scrape up layers of vinyl flooring to reveal the hardwoods below

4-Add a new faucet and cabinet hardware

5-Bring in a freestanding butcher block island

Here’s the result:

If it was up to me, I would have removed the scalloped detailing above the windows for a more refined look, and I would not have put contact paper behind the open upper cabinets because if you look closely, the pattern is almost floral which only works if you’re over the age of 80.

Instead I would have painted the background of the upper cabinets so the look could be easily changed down the line.  I would have added a rug to anchor the new island in the kitchen, and I would have swapped out the outdated ceiling fan, but other than that, for $935 the kitchen was transformed.

If you’re trying to sell your home or just brighten up an outdated space, it can be done on almost any budget!


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