Going Out on a Limb

When it comes to the design choices in my own home, I’ve always played it pretty safe.  The walls are soft, neutral shades with ethereal names like Nurture and Sage Tint, but after seeing this photo I decided I wanted a place to go bold.  Very bold.

But where?  I’ve never been pleased with my front entryway and the hallway leading to the kitchen and living room, so I figured it was a good place to take a risk.

As soon as I picked up the phone to call the painter, I started having second thoughts, which one really does not want to have when using black paint.  By the time I finished dialing his number, I wanted alternating stripes in pale blue and white for a still dramatic but less audacious option.  Plus it flowed better with the nautical theme in the living room.

When the painter answered the phone, I heard myself asking for beige and white stripes.


They’re not quite bold, not exactly dramatic, but still a twist on plain old walls.  I guess I wasn’t quite ready to go out on this particular limb after all.  What about you?  Do you have any brave designs to share?


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