Decorating 1-2-3

Not everyone has the time, energy or (gasp) desire to spend time decorating.  If that sounds like you, then one of the easiest ways to decorate is using the ‘shop by scene’ feature on many websites and catalogs.  It’s the paint by numbers of interior design.  For example, if you like this living room, presto!, you can buy any or all of the pieces by simply ‘shopping the scene’ on Wisteria.

What about this lovely guest suite?  It can all be yours, from the headboards to the bedding right down to the rococo mirror with a few simple clicks.

A charming, rustic kitchen?

Or a quiet reading nook?

An elegant home office?

Or an informal dining room?

 If you want to redecorate but don’t have the budget for an interior designer or the vision to do it yourself, this is an easy way to achieve a look you want minus the time and effort.  And you can always head to the nearest hip furniture store to buy a room display straight off the showroom floor.  What could be easier than that?


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