A Chair to Remember

Before                                                                After


Here’s how I did it.

I started with a chair I found a few years ago for $40.00, but couldn’t find a place for it in my home.

First I painted it with a base coat of white paint to soften the existing black.

I wasn’t too worried about the fabric getting damaged because I knew I would recover it.

The next step was to remove the chair seat and back.

With a Phillips screwdriver, I removed each of the four screws.

And voila, the seat was off!  My husband helped remove the back of the chair because it required a little more muscle, but it only took a couple of minutes.

I had some extra burlap fabric lying around, which was only a couple of dollars a yard.  You could literally use any fabric to give the chair whatever feel would work best in your home.

Next I cut the fabric and laid the seat on top of it so I could wrap it in the burlap.

This staple gun we picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents was the best 50 cents I’ve ever spent!  I used it to secure the fabric to the bottom of the seat.

Next I painted the chair with a second coat of paint.  For this coat I used a paint by Behr called Wild Honey.  Then I took some fine grit sandpaper and sanded down the edges of each leg.

I continued sanding down the rest of the chair for a distressed, lived in look.

Finally I reattached the chair seat and back, and now I have a lovely new chair!  The whole project took less than two hours.  I love my new chair and I love it even more knowing I refinished it myself.  I’ve never done a project like this one before, but it was so easy I will definitely do it again!


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