Designing the Perfect Backyard Getaway

In a time where words like recession, foreclosure and dare I say, double dipped recession (no, no, no), dangle from the lips of every newscaster like honey from a beehive, it’s a better time than ever to take a vacation in your own backyard.  Midwest Living (it’s a real magazine, I promise) offers some great ideas for backyard getaways.

Like this tropical pink and lemon yellow outdoor space.  (Lake front status not required.)

For less than the price of a single plane ticket, you can have a alfresco meal fit for a queen.  Well maybe a distant relative of a queen.

If you want to lounge in the great outdoors, why not set up a cozy living room and invite the neighbors over for a drink?

While you’re at it, hire a college kid home for the summer to serve you drinks and appetizers.  For ten bucks an hour you can have table service at home!  It’s not exactly The Four Seasons, but it sure beats lying on the couch watching reruns of The Voice.

If you’re looking to relax sans kids and husband, set up a chaise for one.

A hammock is an inexpensive alternative to a pricey outdoor piece, plus it’s easier to toss an intrusive husband over the edge if he tries to hone in on your space.

Don’t have the cash for a pricey getaway?  What the hell, just spend what you have dressing up your own place!


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