Getting Ready for Guests

Every week my husband and I alternate hosting dinner with my brother and his fiance.  They normally have a delicious meal planned days in advance, and usually I’m scrambling at the last minute to find a recipe that we all can enjoy.  Instead of racing through six cookbooks hours prior to dinner, I found a recipe for homemade pesto on Food Network.

Looks delicious, right?  The key is the basil.  My husband and I started an herb garden recently, but if you don’t have an herb garden, you can pick up beautiful basil at the grocery store or your local farmers market.  Just make sure you have enough to fill two cups!

Toss with some pasta and sauteed chicken and top with pecorino cheese.  The recipe is simple and flavorful.

Next, I wanted a summery, colorful table setting.  The plate, place mat, and napkin are all from IKEA, and I tied each place setting with a bit of twine.

I finished off the table setting with some lovely yellow lilies.

It only took a few minutes to set the table and about thirty minutes to prepare the meal, but I loved the end result.  I look forward to our weekly dinners, and hopefully this time the food and the atmosphere finally reflected that!


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