An Easy Front Door Fix

This was my old front door (on Valentine’s Day of course!)

I never really liked the stained glass look because it’s a little too intricate for me.  I knew I would eventually change it, but it wasn’t high on my priority list…until the day the mail man came by last week.

Our normally sweet tempered dog, Nora, has never been a fan of a strange man walking on our porch and dropping letters through the mail slot

And after almost a year of barking her brains out at the poor guy, she’d finally had enough and charged head first into the glass

Luckily she didn’t make it all the way through the door, and both the dog and the mailman survived unscathed. 

We had the front door rebuilt with a couple of basic wood panels from Home Depot

We added a couple of coats of red paint, and now thanks to Nora, we have a new door way ahead of schedule.

Even thought it’s a tad darker than I’d envisioned, I really like the way it pops against the white and grey.  And don’t worry, I only allow the dogs to roam in the front yard in the morning, long before the mail man comes a knocking!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Diana
    Jul 28, 2011 @ 12:55:03

    The red is a wonderful choice! So much more fun than the traditional door that was there.


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