Making the Most of a Small Space

When we moved to San Francisco, I knew I’d have to take our furniture and make it work in a city apartment.  It was a challenge, but I had a plan:

1-Position two white arm chairs  in front of the window to create a cozy seating area (Marshall’s idea – thanks babe!)  2-Repurpose the file cabinets from our old office into end tables so our files don’t have to be reorganized  3-Hang sheer linen drapes from our old living room  windows against the beautiful arched window 4-Keep the beloved factory cart coffee table and position two rattan floor cushions nearby for extra seating 5-Use the natural fiber rug from our old master bedroom to anchor the space

One of the biggest dilemmas was figuring out where to keep all of our clothes since the closet was now the bedroom.  My husband took on the challenge and found this great wardrobe from IKEA.  It really is the perfect solution to our storage issues.  How we managed to go from having his and hers walk-in closets to this, I’ll never know!

Another piece that was important to incorporate was the bureau from our old bedroom.  It took a long time to paint and distress, and I couldn’t give it up!  It provides extra storage for everything from blankets to books.

I tried to keep a lot of the accent pieces we had in our home, like this gorgeous vase filled with dried wheat which kind of reminds me of growing up in Kansas.

I also wanted to keep the nautical feel especially since we’re living so close to the water.

Finally, one of my favorite aspects of this apartment is the eat-in kitchen.  With plenty of wall space for our pizza trays and cutting board, plus enough room for our kitchen table.  It’s a cozy space, but perfect for two.

It’s hard to believe we only moved in just over a week ago!  It’s my husband’s birthday today, so I’ve got a cheesecake in the oven and a brand new lasagna recipe to try, and I’m just glad we have such a lovely space to celebrate in!


Walk-in Closet+Imagination=Bedroom?

So I never thought my master bedroom would be the size of a closet…or an actual closet for that matter.  But now it is both.  Here is how I took a walk-in closet in our studio apartment and made it into our master bedroom.

First, I tried to envision the space as more than a closet (and had my husband take down the clothing rod).

Next I took some of my favorite pieces and used them to fill the white space.  The rustic ladder for example.  I wasn’t sure why I was bringing it to San Francisco when it was collecting dust in my garage in Florida, but it turned out to be a great way to punch up a white wall and add some soft candlelight.

Then I filled an empty corner with a beat up old table, one of my favorite flea market finds.  I added an antique styled fan on the corner table which drowns out the city noise at night.  Even though it’s an awkward angle, this photo gives a bit of perspective on how everything comes together in the space.

I added my beloved horse painting above the bed, a pair of white drapes that were once the shower curtains in my master bath, and a floor lamp beside the bed, perfect for reading at night.

Because of the angle of the door to the ‘closet’, it’s hard to capture the warmth of the space.  It’s definitely cozy, but I think I’ve slept better here over the last few nights than I have in months!

Found: A San Francisco Apartment

After weeks of hunting for an apartment, we finally found a little place to call our own.  And when I say little, I do mean little.  It’s a studio space with about 600 square feet.  But it does have plenty of San Francisco charm, like this gorgeous arched window

Plus an eat in kitchen complete with built in shelves to display wine glasses or tea light candles or a collection of porcelain cats (kidding, only kidding)

The kitchen has granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and just enough storage space

The bath has a classic tile floor and a pedestal sink, plus an actual bath tub perfect for chilly San Francisco nights.  Not sure how I feel about the blacked out window.  Can’t wait to find a window treatment that conceals the dark glass.

Last but not least is the walk in closet, in the process of becoming our ‘master’ bedroom.  I know it looks small but it can actually fit a queen bed with a little room to spare.  I have big plans for this small space!

Over the next few days I’ll post some decorating ideas I’ve used to make this space feel like home.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

XOXO, Andy