Starlight Starbright My Very First Pendant Light

When looking for nursery lighting, you’ll often find fun, festive fixtures such as this whimsical pendant light.

But I wanted a pendant with a little bit more sophistication, so I decided to create a pendant light of my own. I started with a plain, white lamp shade you can find at any big box store.

Then I chose a bold, funky fabric that would complement the rest of the space.

Next I pulled out the few supplies I would need; scissors, fabric glue, and a needle with white thread.

After carefully measuring how much fabric I would need, I cut along the pattern to keep a straight line

Once I wrapped the lamp shade with fabric, I sewed it along the top and bottom, leaving the trim of the shade exposed for a more finished look.  The fabric glue came in handy in a couple of spots, but you wouldn’t necessarily need it to try this project out

The lamp shade is now ready to transform into a pendant light.  All I need is this light extender from Lowe’s that will transform a simple bulb in the ceiling light into a lovely pendant fixture.

Stay tuned for the final product!


A San Francisco Sized Nursery

Designing a nursery in a city like San Francisco where space is limited and one bedrooms can rent upwards of $3000, it can be difficult to create a special space for baby.One way I like to maximize space is by layering fabrics like I have with the yellow and white West Elm shower curtains (yes, shower curtains!) that frame a flea market find turned changing table.  Combined with a bold Waverly print in bright, kid friendly colors, it livens up the space.

The fabric is simply adhered to the wall with a few strategically placed staples, plus a few decorative nail heads, and topped off with a yellow onesie hanging from a baby hangar – a functional and adorable piece of infant art.

When designing a nursery space…

  …the best part is turning plans into reality…

And seeing your designs come to life!

A Master Bedroom Retreat

Creating a relaxing, inviting master bedroom with clean lines and minimal colors was my goal for this space.

Typically I wouldn’t position the bed underneath a window, but I wanted to maximize the room so that it could be used for both a bedroom as well as a place to do yoga and meditate.

In San Francisco apartments, storage is often limited so I have to consider whether or not a piece will provide additional storage.  When used thoughtfully, even a ladder and an old milk can are able to provide a place for blankets to hang and yoga mats to stow away.

Industrial style storage shelves from World Market lined with an array of baskets and storage bins help keep clothes out of sight.

And grey linen bedding from Restoration Hardware, white file cabinets, simple lamps and a natural fiber rug with two floor seats from IKEA round out the space.