Starlight Starbright My Very First Pendant Light

When looking for nursery lighting, you’ll often find fun, festive fixtures such as this whimsical pendant light.

But I wanted a pendant with a little bit more sophistication, so I decided to create a pendant light of my own. I started with a plain, white lamp shade you can find at any big box store.

Then I chose a bold, funky fabric that would complement the rest of the space.

Next I pulled out the few supplies I would need; scissors, fabric glue, and a needle with white thread.

After carefully measuring how much fabric I would need, I cut along the pattern to keep a straight line

Once I wrapped the lamp shade with fabric, I sewed it along the top and bottom, leaving the trim of the shade exposed for a more finished look.  The fabric glue came in handy in a couple of spots, but you wouldn’t necessarily need it to try this project out

The lamp shade is now ready to transform into a pendant light.  All I need is this light extender from Lowe’s that will transform a simple bulb in the ceiling light into a lovely pendant fixture.

Stay tuned for the final product!


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