Developing a Nursery Design Concept

A nursery design can be inspired in all sorts of ways.  From a powder blue piggy bank and a collection of baby books

to an adorable striped outfit from BabyGap.

An area rug a can be a great starting place, so I’m beginning my next project centered around one of the following rugs.

Both are a soft gender neutral green with a lovely lattice pattern which will pair beautifully with my client’s existing Pottery Barn sleigh crib.

And with these two pieces in place, we can begin selecting bedding, such as a whimsical animal print that adds both color and dimension

Or a pastel medallion patterned sheet adds a bit more sophistication

A crisp, all white bedding set from Restoration Hardware would be a sweet compliment, perfect for a boy or girl

Or a fun, bright turquoise and lime green separates would play beautifully against either rug

 At Carousel Designs you can design your own bedding and the sky truly is the limit

Or there’s always the option of a three piece bedding set complete with a crib skirt, bumper and fitted sheet

When decorating any space from a nursery to a family room to an elegant master suite, I suggest beginning with a single piece of inspiration.  Whether it’s a rug or a cherished picture or a special travel find, the design will come together as long as each new piece plays off the original starting point.


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