I Need Another Rug (Like I Need a Hole in my Head)

I’ve had my eye on this Restoration Hardware daybed for like twenty-five days. Two weeks ago I broke down and bought it for my son’s room and soon realized I paid more for his bed than my own, so I cancelled it.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about.  So I bought it again.


For the living room.   Soon we’ll have a low profile tufted day bed instead of a couch which is cool because we live in California where people lounge all day, in long fluffy hotel robes, in front of a roaring fire while ‘working’ on their iPads.  So now we need to choose a rug that compliments the piece.  My hubby says the only rug he wants is the rug that will prevent me from wanting another rug, but I just can’t decide.

Please help by voting for your favorite out of the following four options.

1) Has a groovy seventies vibe, but I might get bored with it quickly


2) More of a mat than a rug which is super durable and looks modern though it isn’t soft or cozy


3)  Chevron striped rug that looks good in any setting but the print is suddenly everywhere


4) Thick-striped rug with bold presence, but nearly twice the price of all the others


Simply check either 1, 2, 3, or 4 and vote as many times as you’d like

Thanks for your help everyone!


A Stylish Lash Studio

Recently a client came to me with a request, design a space for a custom eyelash business with equal parts style (for the waiting room) and function (where she applies the individual lashes).  She wanted a feminine feel without overly feminine colors, so I layered neutral tones and textures with metallic elements like the soft, silvery feature wall, the golden end table, and the starburst mirrors.


When I started the room was bare with a single harsh fluorescent light blinking dimly above the dark floor.


Working with an unfinished space like this one, and a client like Melissa, is a decorator’s dream.  She gave me the freedom to choose nearly every aspect of the design, aside from the wide plank dark floors she’d already selected which beautifully anchor the space.


 The design took approximately one month to complete and in the coming weeks I plan to share how each piece was selected within the confines of time, space and budget.  Until then, thank you for sticking with me while I’ve been on hiatus!