Take the City with You

Meet Melissa, my client with a living room design project:  Using existing, beautiful yet slightly masculine sofa and coffee table to create a living room with pops of color that is chic enough to entertain, comfortable enough to lounge, and safe enough for toddlers.

Melissa's Living Room

She wanted to carve out a spot for reading or watching TV so I looked for a perfect chaise lounge.  We added a lovely throw and vibrant toss pillows in the space overlooking a set of black and white photos of baby’s first haircut, particularly meaningful as her husband owns a hip SF hair studio Patrick Evan Salon.


Next we wanted to make use of built-ins to create extra seating, storage, and most importantly a place to display a photograph of the couple strolling through San Francisco, the place they called home for so long.


To create this warm, inviting living room, we combined the couple’s previously purchased upscale pieces with fabulous finds on a $1500(ish) budget.  Most importantly we didn’t want the room to feel like a suburban home, so we took the city with us in our approach and over the next few posts, I will show you how we did it.


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