Animal Freeee!

One of the most important things I take into consideration when it comes to my designs are the material choices that I make. The more time I’ve spent volunteering at local shelters and adopting rescue animals, the more I’ve thought about all the animals in the world, especially those that are raised and killed specifically for their skin or fur.  They are often mistreated, kept in harsh conditions and will never know the love that your own pet experiences.

Imagine if your own dog or cat was raised only to become a pillow or a blanket or a shoe?  Most of us don’t consider the animals whose lives have been lost when we make choices about what to wear or what type of car interior to choose, but there are TONS of other materials out there that can be used in place of those animals. We can all be mindful about the choices we make and if each one of us chooses a linen or cotton or faux suede material instead of leather for our next couch or chair or pillow or purse, imagine how that could impact the world and make it just a little bit kinder.

I truly believe we can all work toward being animal freeeeeeeee!!!


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