Making Room in the Master Bedroom

With a baby on the way, everything changes. And every room changes right along with it.  Like the Master Bedroom, which transforms from a peaceful, tranquil space…

(Except maybe for the night when a drunk driver crashed into a line of parked cars beneath the window at 3a.m., finally coming to a halt halfway through the front door of the building across the street.)

And before you know it, plush blankets and tiny teddy bears are piling up faster than you can say baby.

And friends are reminding you that yes, you’ve spent a fortune on the nursery, but of course at first you’ll keep the baby in your room so you can feed, rock, soothe, cuddle and repeatedly check to be sure baby is breathing while losing all hopes of sleeping for the next five years.  You decide you want to create a sweet space for baby in your room, preferably in close proximity to your bed for easy access, nighttime feedings, no sleep.

And since you’ve already spent what seems like a college fund on baby stuff, you don’t want to spend a fortune on new bedding, so you grab a couple of throw pillows off the master bed and line them up along the back of the crib (but of course not while baby is inside which if I don’t say, at least two of my friends will remind me what a dingaling I am thinking I can put a baby in the crib with pillows).  Then you buy an inexpensive crib sheet and use a grey blanket as a crib skirt.  Which you find amusing since Tahoe the Rhino is sitting on your dog eared copy of 50 Shades of Grey.  Get it, grey crib skirt, grey book?  Ha ha. I don’t have the kid yet and I’m already losing sleep.

But if you opted not to find out the sex of your baby, or like us, you are waiting for a call about a foster baby and have no idea if it will be a boy or girl, you need a set up for a girl, too, so you pull a quick switch and add a pink blanket in place of the blue one and a wicker baby basket that works for both sexes but just feels more feminine.

And POOF!, you have another space for baby.  With all the preparation and getting readiness, it never feels like the baby will actually arrive, but they do eventually come…don’t they???


Starlight, Starbright My Pendant Light is Finally Complete!

Do you remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about creating a drum light to cover the apartment grade bulb in the ceiling light?  It didn’t exactly scream sweet, playful nursery…

So when I saw this sweet light

It inspired me to make a light of my own, minus the dangling butterflies and plus a retro modern geometric pattern

However hanging the light was becoming a problem because the shade didn’t quite work with any of the hanging hardware I found, until I came across this nifty little light bulb clip

Which means I actually clipped the drum shade directly on to the light bulb, which would not normally work because you would be able to see that the drum was not surrounding the light, but hanging from it.  But lucky for me the room, being a closet, is the size of, well, a closet, and from no angle can you tell that the lamp shade is clipped to and actually hanging from the light bulb.  Part jimmy-rigged hoe down.  Part genius.  And with that I thought I was done.

But then as I was writing this post, ding dong came the delivery guy and inside the box was an Etsy rubber duck inspired mobile I ordered last week.

And it was one of the cutest things I have ever laid eyes on.  Which brought me back to the dangling butterflies from the inspiration photo.  And with that a rubber ducky dangling, Waverly ensconced, ten dollar lamp shade is now the shining light of our nursery.

Which means I’ll have to buy another mobile for the little one, who after meeting with our Placement Coordinator yesterday, could be here as soon as next week!!

And so we are waiting with breath that is bated and a phone under the pillow, just in case. 😉

A Nursery for Our Foster Baby to Call Home

After a two years, four surgeries, two hospital stays and fifteen plus trips to the ER, my illness is finally behind us and we are on the road to parenthood through the foster and adoption system in San Francisco, CA.  YAY!  I am beyond excited to receive that first call and I’ve been working on a nursery for our foster children to call home.

More than anything, I wanted a bright, cheerful space that would feel a million miles away from the situations many of these children will leave behind.  Even though they are babies, so much of their lifelong development and attachment ability is formed while they’re infants so I wanted lots of bright colors, soft textures and organic toys and blankets to make them feel safe and warm.

I converted an outdated night stand into a navy blue changing table with an anchor hanging above to fit a nautical inspired space that reflects both living in San Francisco and my husband’s love of sailing and the sea.

With such a small room to work with, typical in the city, I tried to make the most of the space by using a dresser with plenty of drawers and cabinets to store an endless supply of onesies, diapers, and all the accoutrements that come along with caring for an infant.  I hung a little clothing rack from the ceiling with nautical rope to display some of my favorite baby outfits, and lined the dresser with books, shoes, and all the adorable things that come with having a baby.

We’re ready for you little one and can’t wait to meet you!

Lots of Love, Andy & Marshall

A Long Distance Nursery Design

My current nursery project is for a long distance client and with the availability of wood samples for each furniture piece and fabric swatches for literally thousands of options, an entire space be created from afar.

The goals for this space are:

1-Create A Gender Neutral Design Centered Around Soft Greens, Such as the Inspiration Nursery Below

2-Work with the Existing Wall Color Which is a Lovely Rich Taupey-Beige Mixed with Grey

3-Implement a theme with birds, owls, or giraffes such as this sweet birdie bumper my client already had in mind

I took the parameters set by the client and came up with the following plan which includes both the rugs she was originally interested in since she hasn’t made a final decision on them yet, the sweet neutral birdie bumper, a soft solid green fitted sheet from Pottery Barn and complimenting crib skirt from Dwell Studio, an awesome resource for modern baby bedding

  Everything blends beautifully with the existing wall color, and now we are considering adding a few strategically placed decals such as the birds and owls from Etsy that could truly round out the space

As with all room designs, it’s a work in progress and not every decision has been finalized, however one of the best parts about nursery design is there’s a firmly set timeline so both myself and my client know we have to work quickly and occasionally make decisions on the fly.

And I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress!

Developing a Nursery Design Concept

A nursery design can be inspired in all sorts of ways.  From a powder blue piggy bank and a collection of baby books

to an adorable striped outfit from BabyGap.

An area rug a can be a great starting place, so I’m beginning my next project centered around one of the following rugs.

Both are a soft gender neutral green with a lovely lattice pattern which will pair beautifully with my client’s existing Pottery Barn sleigh crib.

And with these two pieces in place, we can begin selecting bedding, such as a whimsical animal print that adds both color and dimension

Or a pastel medallion patterned sheet adds a bit more sophistication

A crisp, all white bedding set from Restoration Hardware would be a sweet compliment, perfect for a boy or girl

Or a fun, bright turquoise and lime green separates would play beautifully against either rug

 At Carousel Designs you can design your own bedding and the sky truly is the limit

Or there’s always the option of a three piece bedding set complete with a crib skirt, bumper and fitted sheet

When decorating any space from a nursery to a family room to an elegant master suite, I suggest beginning with a single piece of inspiration.  Whether it’s a rug or a cherished picture or a special travel find, the design will come together as long as each new piece plays off the original starting point.

Starlight Starbright My Very First Pendant Light

When looking for nursery lighting, you’ll often find fun, festive fixtures such as this whimsical pendant light.

But I wanted a pendant with a little bit more sophistication, so I decided to create a pendant light of my own. I started with a plain, white lamp shade you can find at any big box store.

Then I chose a bold, funky fabric that would complement the rest of the space.

Next I pulled out the few supplies I would need; scissors, fabric glue, and a needle with white thread.

After carefully measuring how much fabric I would need, I cut along the pattern to keep a straight line

Once I wrapped the lamp shade with fabric, I sewed it along the top and bottom, leaving the trim of the shade exposed for a more finished look.  The fabric glue came in handy in a couple of spots, but you wouldn’t necessarily need it to try this project out

The lamp shade is now ready to transform into a pendant light.  All I need is this light extender from Lowe’s that will transform a simple bulb in the ceiling light into a lovely pendant fixture.

Stay tuned for the final product!

A San Francisco Sized Nursery

Designing a nursery in a city like San Francisco where space is limited and one bedrooms can rent upwards of $3000, it can be difficult to create a special space for baby.One way I like to maximize space is by layering fabrics like I have with the yellow and white West Elm shower curtains (yes, shower curtains!) that frame a flea market find turned changing table.  Combined with a bold Waverly print in bright, kid friendly colors, it livens up the space.

The fabric is simply adhered to the wall with a few strategically placed staples, plus a few decorative nail heads, and topped off with a yellow onesie hanging from a baby hangar – a functional and adorable piece of infant art.

When designing a nursery space…

  …the best part is turning plans into reality…

And seeing your designs come to life!