Making Over the Master Bathroom

When we bought our house, we bought it because it had tons of potential, but the reason it was on the market for two years before we finally plucked it from the limitless real estate market of today was because of just that, it’s potential.  It was in good condition, on a gorgeous street and in a lovely area of town, but almost every wall in the house was neon yellow, the kitchen and bathrooms were outdated, and the lawn was not a lawn, but a mass of weeds, leaves and half dead trees.  One of the first rooms I wanted to attack was our master bath.

First I needed some inspiration, so I scoured the internet for ideas and fell in love with these three bathrooms:

I figured out pretty quickly we weren’t going to pay for an entire wall of tile or replace the existing tile floor since it was already white and in good condition, but there were a few things we could do to bring the bathroom back to life.

Before it was in pretty sad shape:

But with a few simple changes it was completely transformed.  First, we had the cabinets painted white, removed the cultured marble counter tops and replaced them with Carrera Marble, all for less than $1000.

Check out a sample of the marble:

I chose Carerra because I love how timeless it is, but there are tons of other materials out there to choose from and they start at about $30.00 a square foot installed for a good, quality surface, so a similar look could be achieved on a much smaller budget.

Next we installed two new over mount sinks (for $130 a piece) just like the ones in my inspiration photo, plus high style chrome faucets (a splurge at nearly $200 a piece):

Last, we replaced the gold leaf mirrors (which I’ll show you in a later post I was able to use elsewhere in the house) with classic chrome tilted mirrors:

And replaced the existing cabinet pulls with these for about $30:

Even without the tile wall or a new vanity, the bathroom turned out just as I hoped it would:

Eventually I may paint it a deep gray for more contrast with the cabinets or I may just leave it pale gray like it is now – what do you think?