California Dreamin’

Even though I’m not living in California quite yet, I’m already thinking about California style and how different it will be from quiet, cottage-y neighborhood where we live in Central Florida.   Like this stylish Napa Valley home by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

With laid back white slip covered furniture that pops against the gorgeous wood and crisp white walls

Paired with simple details like a metal light fixture and nearly naked picnic table

In a design focused on bringing the outside in

And blending the architecture of the home with the surrounding hillside.  Whether this type of design is up your alley or not, it is an interesting perspective on blending nature and indoor/outdoor living.  (And yes, it’s definitely up my alley!)


I Left My Heart in San Francisco

In another life, I lived in San Francisco and never dreamed I’d have the chance to live there again.  Fast forward eight years later to a cute husband with a new job, and I’m headed back to the city by the bay.

Between the beautiful hotels and the fantastic shopping, design inspiration is all around

I’m looking forward to strolling (ok climbing) the hills and taking in all the interesting architecture

And wandering through Golden Gate Park with its’ Asian influences and endless, lush emerald gardens

When I first visited San Francisco, it was to see my friend Kristi who lived there at the time.  We were twenty-one years old (was I ever really 21 years old?!), and the day I arrived she took me to see The Palace of the Fine Arts Building.  I stood in awe and vowed I would live there one day.  (Thank you Kristi! You changed my life that day!)

When I visited with my husband a few years later, he looked around in wonder and said, “Promise me we’ll live here one day.”  I promised.  Even though it was a difficult decision since we just got settled in Florida, there is something magical about helping make one of the dreams of the person you love come true.

Even though I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco, I do hope we’ll find more love for everything we do, big and small, in San Francisco