Come on Baby Light My Fire

BEFORE                                                             AFTER

Even though I live in Florida, I can’t live without a fireplace for those frosty winter nights when it dips below, oh about fifty degrees or so.  When my husband, Marshall, and I bought our home, the fireplace was traditional brick and framed by a drab, yellow wall, but with a $3.00 sample paint can from Home Depot in one of their zillion shades of white (I believe I used Behr Snow Fall FLAT, but any shade of white would do) the fireplace was completely transformed.

I added an old milk can I found at an antique store outside of Deland, FL where my Grandma Rose dragged me one Sunday afternoon.  G. Rose was a bartender for years and years – in fact she taught me how to take a blow job shot in her kitchen with my hands behind my back and all (you can’t make this stuff up!), but her true calling was and will always be design.  The milk can, along with a wicker chaise lounge chair from IKEA, a couple of round rattan floor seats to balance out the straight lines of the fireplace, and a few simple accessories completely changed the look and feel of the room.   Beautiful designs are easy with an unlimited budget and resources, but many of those rich looks can be achieved on a much smaller budget and still maintain the richness of a more expensive one.