Hunting for a Headboard

I am in the market for a new headboard.  A fabric one.  After years of leaning against a hard wall or an even harder wooden headboard while trying to read in bed, I need something soft.  Pottery barn is always a good place to start for a little inspiration.

But the problem with Pottery Barn is the prices don’t seem too bad at first, but once you add in the processing fees, shipping charges, and sales taxes, all of a sudden a $600 headboard is over a thousand bucks.

Etsy is always a great place to find handmade or vintage items like this beautifully covered headboard from Rogersbrothers in Florence, South Carolina.

You can even provide your own fabric so you can get exactly the look you want.  Totally brill!

But I just can’t make a decision on any big purchase without checking Overstock, and wouldn’t you know I found this great neutral headboard with copper grommets for less than $300

With virtually no shipping fees, it’s a hard bargain to pass up.  Now I just need to get an address in San Francisco, so I have somewhere to send it!


The Subtle Art of Avoidance

Today I was doing what I do best, practicing the subtle art of avoidance (i.e. perusing Etsy rather than returning emails).  How can I plan a work event when I have a gorgeous, handmade bed begging me to buy it?

I couldn’t help but stare at this relaxed painting.  It made me wish for a rainy day.

I stumbled upon this little table for less than a hundred dollars and for one millisecond wished I lived in Dallas so I could go pick it up.  Otherwise the seller could send it to me if I’d be willing to pick it up from a bus stop.  I have nothing further to say about that.

I love the simplicity of this driftwood shelf.  Perfect if you live in the mountains or at the beach.

I snapped back to reality when I saw this factory cart in California for $1800!  Tres cool.  Tres chic.  But for $1800?

I bought mine for $395 and you can buy them at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware for less than a thousand.   Only a starving celebrity too hungry to think would pay that price for a used coffee table!  Now that I’m back to reality, I better get back to work.

Please tell me it’s almost time for happy hour.


Everything Etsy

Etsy is the place for everything you never knew you needed

A single letter is perfect as a rustic bookend, a colorful wall hanging, or a simple addition to an empty shelf

A whimsical felt rug adds a splash of color to any space.  My choice?  The laundry room floor for a soft place to stand while folding clothes – a truly thankless task!

An olive green drum lampshade would add instant drama above a round table

And this vintage style wall clock reminds me of a day when we looked at a clock for the time instead of a cell phone

Happy Hunting!