A Guest Room Retreat

One of my closest friends is coming to stay with me this week and I’m very excited about her visit.  She’s a stay at home mom and an inventor of a very cool product that you may see in stores sometime soon (I’m not at liberty to share the details just yet!).  She hasn’t had a real vacation in awhile, so I wanted the room to feel like a getaway for her.  I decided to add a few new accessories to the bed, plus I changed out the blue nightstands, painted them black and put them in the master bedroom.  If a piece of furniture winds up near my painting station in the garage, I can’t help but slap a coat of paint on it to give it a fresh look before I find a new home for it somewhere in the house!

Here was the guest room before:

And with a few very affordable pillows and a new lime green throw from Home Goods…

Plus two new mirrors I found for $22.00 a piece and the fan my husband installed yesterday (thanks Honey!), and the room has a fresh new look:

Now I just wanted to add a few things that would make Cicely feel welcome, so I put together a tray with a few flowers, a couple of bars of yummy soap and some requested junk food (she’s on vacation after all!) and hopefully she’ll know how much I’m looking forward to her stay.

Can’t wait to see you Cicely!