The Quintessential Coastal Town: Camden, Maine

What makes a perfect coastal town?  A beautiful harbor is a good place to start

A picture perfect downtown helps quite a bit

With unrivaled options for outdoor gear

And interior design options for every taste and style

Plus waterfront dining

And charming inns that look out to sea

There aren’t too many places that I’d rather be!


A Lovely Seaside Village

I’ve never had the feeling of stepping back in time as often as I do when I’m in Maine.  Life is simpler.  Road side vegetable stands dot winding country roads and money doesn’t change hands, it’s simply dropped in a box left by the road.

Nowhere is the feeling of a time gone by more apparent than in Bayside.  A tiny village nestled by the sea where gingerbread homes surround grassy knolls and overlook the bay.

Picturesque front porches and flags blowing gently in the breeze

Children playing and boats drifting by

A place where words can’t capture moments and pictures don’t do justice

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to come back, but I’m happy knowing a place like Bayside still exists and I hope one day I’ll live somewhere where backyard vegetables are sold on honor systems and front doors are left unlocked, whether someone is home or not.

If you ever want to visit, you can book a ‘camp’ through Bayside Cottage Rentals.  I highly recommend it!

Putting the White in White Bungalow

When I first started this blog, I named it White Bungalow because, if you hadn’t already guessed, I love little white bungalows.

Coastal Maine is the land of white homes descending down charming roads leading toward the sea

Quiet reminders of a different place and time

When homes were built to last

And winding roads stayed winding roads instead of rows of run down gas stations and endless fast food chains

A place where charm abounds and life slows down in a little village by the sea

A Country Cottage in Maine

My husband is from Maine and this summer we decided to rent a little cottage near where he grew up.  I love the shingled exterior and all the outdoor living space.

From the painted staircase (which I’ve thought about doing in my own home)

To the cast iron stove

And the charming country kitchen

No detail has been overlooked.  As I write, I’m curled up in the cozy sitting room

And already thinking about coming back next year

It’s so quiet I can hear the silence buzzing in my ears!  Not exactly the sounds of downtown Orlando and Midtown Atlanta where we’ve lived the past few years. This morning we even kayaked around a beautiful lake where Marshall’s family lives, something I never thought I’d do right before going to work!

I could use some tips on repelling bugs though – this city girl is just not used to the creepy crawlies of the Maine countryside!