A Seattle Design Perspective

Whenever I visit Seattle, I am inspired by towering trees,  snow capped mountains, and a naturalistic approach to interior design. Like this eco-friendly home by Finn Architects.  The space brings the beauty of the surroundings in with a row of sky lights and nearly floor to ceiling windows.

The modern perspective and minimalist ideals in this home by Nikos Koukourakis keep sustainability in mind.

Ever heard the term ‘cargotecture’?  Me either until I came upon this fascinating piece of interior imagination.  Cargotecture is any structure built partially or entirely from recycled cargo containers like this one by HyBrid Architecture, a Seattle based firm.

Whether you embrace a modern aesthetic or simply admire it from afar, it has a strong place in the world of interior design.  Not every sustainable home has to be straight lines and floor to ceiling windows, but eco-inspired living can provide an example as we build the homes of tomorrow.