Everything is Negotiable…Especially When You’re Standing in a Field

Over the weekend, Marshall and I hit up one of the biggest flea markets in the country for one of their Extravaganzas! Thank you husband for trading a day of playing the guitar or watching movies for bargain hunting in Mount Dora! The market is basically a bunch of crap piled on more crap piled on amazing treasures that you couldn’t find anywhere else, and EVERYTHING is negotiable.

From the look on my face I guess I wasn’t sold on this old wash board:

I did love this four-tiered cart though – imagine the possibilities!

And this crate would be perfect next to a fireplace or end table, plus  it’s from Kansas City where I grew up so I couldn’t pass it by without checking it out.

We packed the Jeep full of amazing finds that will definitely be featured in future posts. And we had a great time and met some really cool people!