Pearls of (Pillow) Wisdom

I haven’t been at the pillow line very long, but I’ve already learned a few crucial lessons along the way.

1-Do no get sidetracked from your original business plan and strategy (i.e. just because you fall in love with baby fabric doesn’t mean you should branch into a baby line when you haven’t even finished launching the main line)

2-Stay focused on fulfillment using the initial fabrics you selected so you have samples and inventory, just in case a boutique is willing to carry your product – which is the whole point, right?!

3-Try not to have a medical emergency which can really throw the whole business plan out of whack!

4-Instead of boo hooing over said medical emergency, focus on the things you CAN do so your business doesn’t lose momentum, like order business cards (that look like pillows) which everyone has asked for and you haven’t been able to provide

5-Take pictures in your own home to showcase pillows for future brochures and website applications

Hope that you continue to learn from the process and remember to be thankful for the things you do have in life like a new house, an adorable husband, the sweetest dogs ever, loving family members who bring you yummy dinners, and a really fun business idea that could literally go anywhere!


Pillows of Perfection

About five or six years ago I bought a new couch for the condo where I used to live and when it arrived I absolutely hated it. I called my mom because I was mortified I’d spent so much on something I couldn’t stand and she gave me one of the best pieces of design advice I’ve ever been given – you can change the entire look and feel of a room with pillows, throws, and accessories alone. Of course, I didn’t believe her at first, but as usual, she was right.

Here’s how the couch turned out with the new trimmings:

If you haven’t noticed already, the couch was leather and some of the pillows were made of cow hide, too.  I’m sad to admit it, but I didn’t used to think about the material choices I made like I do now.

Here’s the way I set it up at Christmas:

Mom’s advice actually turned out to be pretty good and it’s something I keep in mind whenever I buy furniture. The pieces you choose are important, but the accessories and finishing touches are even more important. And they don’t have to be expensive!

For example, I recently found these great pillows at Ross (yep, I once again hit up the Dress for Less store for home furnishings):

I found this grey one for $5.99 and it looks like a $50.00 pillow!

This one was only $9.99 and it's faux fur! I liked it so much I bought another one in brown!

Here’s how they helped define the style of the room:

The key is you can make a huge impact in a room for minimal cost.  I’ve seen toss pillows for $200.00 and beyond and when I think about the great ones I’ve found at places like Ross and Marshall’s for a fraction of the cost, I can’t imagine ever having to spend so much on something so small.  Can you?