Everything Old is New Again

This Old House has a great article on the best reader ideas for reusing old materials.

Like the way this door on an old furnace grate transformed into a retro beer tap perfect for a kitchen or home bar.  If you want to adjust the taps, just open the furnace door.  Genius.

If you love reading as much as I do, this old library card catalog is a wonderfully nostalgic piece.  Just add decorative legs, sand and paint and you have a lovely new way to store small items like napkins, silverware, tea light candles, and more.

I love this idea for a new way to add style using existing built-ins.  Isn’t it a sweet idea so dogs have a cozy place to sleep?  Not sure the dog on the right looks too happy, though…

There are so many ways to reuse salvaged materials.  If you have any good ideas, I’m always looking for new ways to reuse and refinish old pieces!