Let’s Get Personal

It always surprises me when I walk into a home for the first time and I don’t feel the homeowners presence in the space. It’s as if they’ve taken a picture from a magazine or a display from a showroom and put it in their living room – it might look beautiful but it seems strange when you don’t feel the soul of the family anywhere.

Whether it’s an out of tune piano inherited from an old friend or a pearl jewelry box that once belonged to a beloved great grandmother, it’s the little treasures of our lives that we should showcase in our homes to remind us of who we are and where we came from. In my own home, it’s the paintings and pictures that mean the most to me.

A pencil drawing of my Grandpa Al from his days in the service is on our bedroom wall and every time I look at it, for a brief moment I think of him and wish he was here to meet my husband or to tell me more about our heritage. Without this little portrait, I wonder if I would think of him as often, so I feel lucky to have it my home so I don’t forget the person he was and the importance he had in my life.

Another picture on my bedroom wall is a charcoal drawing my mom did in art school. It’s one of my favorite pieces she’s done and it reminds me of how important creativity is in my life.

And I love this painting by Marshall’s mom who is a wonderful artist based in Maine ,where he grew up. Our house wouldn’t be complete without her paintings!

It’s things like these that make our house our home and I want to share them with you so hopefully you’ll make room in your own home for treasures like these.