Putting the White in White Bungalow

When I first started this blog, I named it White Bungalow because, if you hadn’t already guessed, I love little white bungalows.

Coastal Maine is the land of white homes descending down charming roads leading toward the sea

Quiet reminders of a different place and time

When homes were built to last

And winding roads stayed winding roads instead of rows of run down gas stations and endless fast food chains

A place where charm abounds and life slows down in a little village by the sea


A Neutral Palette

I have always been drawn to the stillness of a neutral palette.  The subtle softness of varying shades of creamy white and sandy beige create a relaxing flow in almost any space. I love the pale gray floor against the barely blue walls in this open concept living room/dining room.

The pure white walls against the rich, caramel toned sofas create an easy sophistication in this relaxed living room, and the black and white graphic pillows add a touch of drama to an otherwise tranquil space.

A living area with this much white risks the chance of feeling cold and uninviting, but the natural fiber rug and warm accents like the sailboat and wooden tree trunk side table help soften up the room.

Images Coastal Living, My Home Ideas, and Country Living

You can see how much I appreciate a neutral space by how I’ve designed my own living room.

This summer I’ll remove the dense fabrics and add more linen pillows in blues and greens to add an airy feeling to the room for the warm summer months.