To Bench or Not to Bench?

That is the question.  You see I am having a dilemma in my dining room and I need your help.  Over the weekend I bought a bench at World Market to go with our dining room table, but I can’t decide if it works.  I absolutely adore the bench, but I’m just not sure about it in the room.

Here’s the dining room with the original set up:

And here it is with the new bench:

Help me decide by voting now on which looks better!


A Backyard BBQ

Last night we invited my parents and their friends, Nick and Lee, along with my brother and his girlfriend (I’m going to go ahead and call her his future wife cause a sister just knows these things!) over for a backyard BBQ.  We don’t actually have much outdoor furniture yet, so we improvised using our kitchen table, an old bench, a couple of cushions and three dining room chairs when we got really desperate.

Here’s how we set up for the night.  We started with a couple of lanterns left over from our wedding that we found at IKEA for less than $10 a piece, plus a string of lights from World Market, and all of a sudden the empty patio started to feel more inviting.  We added a Tiki torch I found at Old Time Pottery last year for $2.00 and some yellow gerber daises in soda bottles for my quick and easy go-to flower arrangement.

My husband was so stoked to finally have a grill that I couldn’t tear him away from it all night!  Here he is hanging with Grammy Rose while we waited for dinner.

I can’t believe most of the country is under a blanket of snow and we’re outside in our flip flops having dinner.  You might wish you were here now, but if it’s only February and we’re already experiencing 80 degree days, just imagine how HOT it’s going to be come August!