Getting Ready for Sunday in the Park

I’ve had a few questions about how I made my Easter wreath the other day, so I wanted to share step by step how I made that wreath and a few others I’m planning to sell at Sunday in the Park, a festival in my neighborhood that’s coming up in a couple of weeks!

With each one I started with the same Hobby Lobby wreath:

For the first one, I took a container of plastic egg ornaments

And cut each of the ribbons attached to the eggs in half.

Next I took each egg and carefully tied the ribbon around a branch on the wreath

I made sure space them out evenly but not too perfectly and then I applied a tiny bit of super glue to each one to make sure it was secure.

With my second wreath, I used a spray of eggs and greenery from Pier One

And pulled them apart piece by piece

Next I intertwined the stems with the branches of the wreath

This time I didn’t need any super glue because the wires inside the stems were strong enough to hold the eggs in place.

For the wreath I made the other day and hung on my own front door, I used the furry green rabbits from Pier One

And simply bent the flexible wooden stem around one of the branches on the wreath

The last thing I had to do was figure out how I’m going to display the wreaths at the festival.   I decided to use an old ladder I bought for fifteen dollars and  I simply nailed a few holes in it to create hooks for the wreaths.   I think it’s going to be a great, inexpensive way display them – now I just hope someone wants to buy them!


Hippity Hop, Here Comes Easter!

This year Easter is on April 24, but I’m getting ready early because my front door has been looking a little barren since the winter holidays.  With the same $2.99 wreath from Hobby Lobby I used for Valentine’s Day and Christmas…

…and these adorable green rabbits from Pier One…

…my Easter wreath was born.

They already had bendable, wire handles, so they were easy to intertwine in the wreath.

And they have so many possibilities!  From peeking out of a beautiful centerpiece to lining the front walkway or even wrapped around the handles of an Easter basket, they are a cute, affordable way to celebrate a lovely spring holiday!

I added a sweet, floral doormat, and for less than five minutes and $25.00 …

…my Easter front door was complete!

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart

Valentine’s Day is almost here and since this is my first year celebrating the holiday as a married lady, I’m very excited about it!   I saw a really cute Valentine’s Day wreath by Melissa over at 320 Sycamore and it inspired me to do a Valentine’s wreath of my own.

Check out her cute wreath:

Here’s my more rustic version of her really sweet idea.  We need some plants and a new front door, but you get the idea!

I found the great wreath for 50% off at Hobby Lobby yesterday – it was only about $3.00!

This Valentine’s Day mat from the shop Annabelle Hart in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando was so adorable I couldn’t pass it up!